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Coaching Guidelines & Resources

Coaches set the tone and have a huge impact on the children they are coaching. Please come to games and or practices with a positive frame of mind and energy. 
• Coaches must come to practice with a plan and a positive state of mind. 
• Keep in mind players will be at different talent levels. 
• Make sure to have fun and to keep the children engaged.
• The attention span of a young child is short. It will be best to keep the drills short but also to keep the time between drills to a minimum. 
• Ask each child to bring a ball and plenty of water.
Here ae some sample practice guidlines and other resources coaches can use for drills etc.
Also, attached is a checklist coaches can use to assess the skill level of players for their grade. It should be particularly helpful for assessing the development of players in grades 1 - 3.