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Code of Conduct

We hope all parents enjoy watching their children play basketball and join us in celebrating the successes of the season, no matter how large or small.  We encourage you to support your child’s team with positive, encouraging, and constructive comments. 

Please keep in mind that the coaches are volunteers.  If you have questions or issues, please speak directly to the coach.  If those issues remain unresolved, seek out the Grade Coordinator or one of the MYBA Travel Directors.  The MYBA website has all contact information. 

Please remain supportive, but refrain from sideline coaching.  Also, please do not shout at or "bait" referees during games. Parents or spectators who continuously yell at referees or coaches will be asked to leave the gym.

We are proud of Medfield’s respected reputation throughout the league because of the behavior of our players, parents, and fans. 

Thank you for your child’s participation.  Our goal is to develop knowledge of the game.  We hope to instill a love of basketball that gives each child a sense of pride on and off the court.

Here is a great article from Competitive Advantage on how to become a "Winning Parent".  

13 Steps to Becoming a Winning Parent