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Program Expectations

Player Commitment

We expect all players to be committed to their MYBA teams (both travel and in-town) for the basketball season with attendance at practices, games, and tournaments.  Beginning in the 2015/16 season, there will be additional practice for travel teams grade 6-8, with 2 practices every other week. Attendance at at least one practice is required to play in the upcoming game.   Aside from illness, please plan your week so that you are able to attend practice regularly. 

Playing on an in-town team is a requirement for all MYBA travel players in grades 4 through 7 (unless a child plays for his/her school team). Commitment to the in-town program is also expected.  Attendance at in-town games and practices remains a priority, although In-town practice for grades 6-8 on a week when they have two travel practices will be optional. 

MYBA understands there may be conflicts over the various vacation weeks.  Please let your coach know at the beginning of the season if you will be away so he/she can effectively plan for tournaments. Unless a player is out of town, MYBA expects committed participation in all tournaments.

Playing Time

The MYBA guideline is that each player should play

  • On a team of 11 or less:  10 minutes per game
  • On a team of 12 or more:  8 minutes per game


Although MYBA has this guideline, you will find that each coach will implement his/her own philosophy regarding playing time. For example, some may provide equal time; some may have a consistent starting line-up; others may rotate.  Please keep in mind that as long as your child’s coach is adhering to the minimum playing guideline, he/she is meeting the requirement.

A coach may make an exception if a player consistently misses practices and/or games.  In addition, a coach may adjust player's minutes below the recommended level during Metrowest play-off games.