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In-Town Grades 1-2 T-Shirts


T-shirts will be provided to all 1st and 2nd grade participants at their first game.




In-Town Grades 3-8 Reversible Jerseys


Grades 3-8 will be issued a reversible blue and white A4 mesh jersey every other year.  These jerseys are to be kept for the current season, as well as the following season.  Coaches may optionally want to have the players bring them to practices.  Participants should also wear their jersey to travel team tryouts.  An attempt has been made to have all the numbers in a grade unique.  Players will be issued a new jersey after two years.




Replacement Jerseys


In the event that a replacement in-town reversible jersey is needed due to being lost, ruined, outgrown, etc. the player will need to purchase a new one for $12.  They should write a check to “MYBA” and hand it to their coordinator who will secure a jersey from the MYBA Equipment coordinator.




New Players


Players that enter the league for the second year of the two-year jersey cycle will be issued a new jersey free of charge.








Travel players need to order uniforms from Tri-Valley Sports and submit their number to their travel coach.  Travel coaches will provide timeline.  Only valid basketball numbers (ending in 0-5) can be used in MetroWest.




Tri-Valley Sports


106-C Main St, Medway, MA 02053


Tel: 508-533-5080       Fax: 508-533-5776