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High School Volunteer Coach Application

MYBA encourages high school students to coach for the Intown program.  Students are eligible to start coaching starting in sophomore year, although freshman can be assistant coaches, provided an adult parent is the head coach.

Please fill out the information below if you would like to be considered for coaching an Intown basketball team for the MYBA program.  A grade coordinator will contact you the beginning of November if you are selected for coaching. 

The season starts the first week of December and runs through February 21.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Communication with players and parents
  • Run one weekly midweek practice and one weekend game – teaching appropriate basketball skills and sportsmanship based on MYBA grade level guidelines.
  • Provide supportive, learning, and fun experience for all kids 
Who you propose will be your co-coaches

Note: we recommend each team be coached by a group of 3 coaches to ensure coverage at practices and games.

Parental permission required.