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Basketball Sizes by Grade and Gender

MYBA encourages every player to bring a basketball to practices.  It’s important for player development to practice with an age-appropriate ball.  Please refer to the size guidelines below when selecting a basketball for your child.  Coaches will be provided with a few spare balls for practices in the event your child forgets their ball or does not own one.


Grades 1-3:

  • Girls and Boys - Size 27.5

Grade 4

  • Girls - Size 27.5 
  • Boys - Size 28.5 (regulation size women’s ball)

Grades 5-6:

  • Girls and Boys - Size 28.5 (regulation size women’s ball)

Grades 7-8:

  • Girls - Size 28.5  (regulation size women’s ball)
  • Boys - Size 29.5 (regulation size men’s ball)


Dick’s Sporting Goods (MYBA Sponsor), Walmart or are all good resources to find basketballs in all sizes.