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MYBA COVID-19 Update Page

November 20th, 2020

See Travel Tryout Safety Procedures

See COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

November 14th, 2020

Registration is open as-of today for in-town and travel basketball.

In-town and travel basketball programming will be limited to grades 5-8 this year. Playing in-town is not a requirement to play travel basketball this year. Grade coordinators will have all the necessary information and details. Grade coordinators will be communicating with their groups this weekend.

Travel basketball tryouts will be help Saturday 11/21 and Sunday 11/22 at Kingsbury Club. Tryout schedule will be released soon and grade coordinators will have that information. Participants must be registered to tryout.

MYBA will be strictly following state, CDC, and Metrowest guidelines as well as implementing our own procedures and protocols to protect the safety of participants. There will be a zero tolerance policy for not following guidelines, procedures, or protocols. Coaches, players, or spectators found not following the guidelines will be removed from participation for the season with no refund.

Participation in MYBA programming during the COVID-19 pandemic is a risk. Parents and guardians of MYBA participants as well as MYBA coaches take sole responsibility for their risk.

The season could end at any time due to state guidelines or based on the discretion of the MYBA Board of Directors. There will be a defined refund policy.


November 11th, 2020

Massachusetts guidelines for youth and amateur sports have changed as of November 7th to allow for basketball games to be played. With the new guidelines in place Metrowest travel basketball league is moving forward with a planned shortened season beginning in January.

We are reviewing Metrowest and state guidelines but at this time we do plan on participating in Metrowest.  If we do participate there will be strict requirements for players and coaches and it is likely there will be NO PRACTICES. There will be more information in coming days about travel basketball. For anyone playing travel basketball, the requirement of playing in-town will not apply this year.

We also plan on putting together a reduced in-town basketball season. The bottom line is that we have very little gym space to utilize. We have our normally contracted hours at Forekicks which equates to 9 hours of court time per week. We have also negotiated with Kingsbury Club to get 6 hours of court time per week for December only. We continue to speak with Kingsbury Club but obtaining additional hours from them seems unlikely and this is decision of Kingsbury Club.

With such a small amount of court time available we will be putting together programming for 7th and 8th grade boys and girls at Forekicks. We also are planning to have a 4 week session for 5th and 6th grade boys and girls at Kingsbury Club starting after Thanksgiving. It is possible these groupings could be changed based on demand. Parent coaching volunteers will be required.

Unfortunately, this means we are currently not in a position to offer programming for grades 1-4 for in-town. We are looking at the possibility of a spring time program for these grades with improved weather and/or court time. Stay tuned.

Registration will be open soon. We will have limited availability. Registrations will be capped and registration does not necessarily ensure availability. We will do our best to accommodate all kids that want to play but please understand we have limited resources available to us.

Please direct questions as follows.

  • Policy/General - Danny Blood - dannyblood@gmail.com
  • In-town - Chuck Abba - cabba@daleyaa.com
  • Travel - Ed Ariel - ejariel3@gmail.com

The state guidelines can be found here -



Sept 30th, 2020
The status for MYBA basketball this winter is still up in the air.

Current state guidelines designate basketball as a higher risk sport. This means playing basketball games in a traditional way is not allowed. Things change and we are monitoring state guidelines closely.

We also know that we will not have access to Medfield Public Schools gym space for the foreseeable future. The school is doing everything it can to stay in a hybrid model to keep kids in the classroom which includes adhering to state guidelines and safety protocols. The short of it is that MYBA cannot utilize gyms at this time.

For travel basketball, Metrowest has indicated they are moving forward to plan for a shortened season beginning in January if the state guidelines change to allow for basketball games to be played. We are discussing how to approach this news and what it means for our organization.

The current state guidelines allow for cohort based training groups. The cohort training groups must follow certain restrictions such as a maximum of 10 participants and no mixing or intermingling of groups. The cohort concept presents one viable way an in-town season could proceed, assuming gym space can be obtained.

For now, we are going to wait for more information and to see how the fall progresses. We will continue to investigate safe and viable options for basketball programming this winter. We’ll provide another update in the second half of October, if not earlier.

Stay safe and stay healthy!

MYBA Board




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