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Travel Registration


Players that have been placed on a MYBA travel basketball team for the season can register here. The registration process includes payment for the season. All participants must be registered before they may participate in practices or games with their teams.

Please read through these important details before registering participants for travel basketball. Registration link is at the bottom of the page.

Direct questions as follows.

  • Grade Level Program - Contact your grade coordinator
  • Travel Basketball - MYBA Travel Coordinator noted below
  • Policy/General - MYBA President noted below

Ed Ariel

Travel Basketball Coordinator

Danny Blood


Travel Basketball

Team practices will begin the first week of November.

The per player cost for travel basketball is $250.

MYBA provides scholarships to the program for those with a financial need. Please contact an MYBA Board member with additional information.

Refund Policy

In general, there are no refunds for travel basketball. Once a participant is registered for the season, their team commitment is locked.

INtown Opt-Out

Participating in the intown basketball program is mandatory for travel basketball players.

However, Middle School participants that play basketball on their school team may opt-out of the intown program. This is generally only applicable to students attending private schools or 8th graders playing on the Blake Middle School basketball team. 

MYBA encourages players in this situation to consider participating in the intown program anyway. The fun, low-key, and inclusive environment of the intown program is a highlight of the season for many players.

For those who will opt-out: Contact your grade coordinator BEFORE you begin the travel registration process. You will be given instructions on how proceed with your travel registration.

Begin Travel Registration

Click the link below to begin the travel basketball registration process.

The Registration "Travel Registration" is not currently available.