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2020 Tryout Safety Procedures

The 2020 MYBA travel basketball tryouts will be held at Kingsbury Club. The following safety measures will be in place for the tryout in addition to following state guidelines.

Also see MYBA COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

The Health Check and Contact Tracing form must be completed for each player participating in a tryout for each day of the tryout, THE DAY OF THE TRYOUT. Participants that have not completed the Health Check form will be denied access to facility and will not be able to participate in the event.

  • No parents or spectators in the gym
  • Players must wait outside in car or outside near picnic area in a socially distanced manner with masks on until summoned
  • Before players enter, health check form completion will be verified outside of the club. The health check must be completed by 12 noon each day of the tryout.
  • Player check-in will happen outside where Health Check form will be verified.
  • Once cleared, players will enter at the main entrance, one at a time
  • Players will be directed to their tryout court and should proceed directly to that area, where they should find a socially distanced bench spot that they utilize the entire tryout
  • Players must bring their own pinny, basketball, water, and hand sanitizer
  • Only masks that secure with loops around a player’s ears are acceptable.  Masks must be properly worn at all times.. This means the mask must cover the mouth and nose completely.
  • Mask breaks can be arranged. Individuals should be minimum 14 feet away from all others, preferably outside. Group mask break not permitted unless done outside in a socially distanced manner.
  • Players will exit the back of the gym. Parent pickup should be at the far end of the sport courts parking lot. Again, no parents/spectators in the gym.
  • There is a gap between tryout sessions. Kingsbury staff will clean and disinfect all bench areas between tryout sessions.
  • MYBA will provide a copy of the Health Check and Contact Tracing report to Kingsbury Club for each day of tryouts

Kingsbury Club Entry and Exit Diagram