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Medfield Youth Basketball’s MISSION is to provide a safe and balanced learning environment for players of all abilities that develops the skills, character, sportsmanship and teamwork of Medfield school children grades1-8. All children are encouraged to participate, regardless of skill level. We want children to have a positive experience and come back every year. The MYBA coaching philosophy is to create an atmosphere for:

  • Improving physical well being and having fun
  • Learning and developing skills
  • Creating positive social interaction
  • Instilling teamwork
  • Creating a spirit of good sportsmanship

Competitive games are played, as appropriate for each age level.  Equal playing time for all participating in the In-Town program is mandatory and the opportunity for players to play a variety of positions is highly encouraged.

MYBA also provides boys and girls in grades 4-8 the opportunity to participate in the Metrowest competitive travel league.  Please see the Travel Program section for more information.

Another one of our goals is to keep registration fees affordable.  Our expenses include gym rental costs [including facilities personnel overtime] and equipment including team tee shirts. 

Fees are further based on the amount of gym time we can make available to each grade.

Financial hardship will not prevent any child from playing.  Please know that you can freely discuss this, or any matter privately and in confidence with any MYBA Board Member.

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