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In-Town Registration

In-town registration for the 2023-2024 season is now open!

Go to the Registration Page (link below) for details and to begin the registration process.

In-Town Program


Questions? Ask your grade coordinator.

Registration is Open - Click Here!


Travel Program


To tryout for a travel basketball team, participants must be registered for in-town. 

Tryout dates are set View the schedule via the link below.

Try-out Schedule


MYBA Mission

Medfield Youth Basketball’s MISSION is to provide a safe and balanced learning environment for players of all abilities that develops the skills, character, sportsmanship and teamwork of Medfield school children grades1-8. All children are encouraged to participate, regardless of skill level. We want children to have a positive experience and come back every year. The MYBA coaching philosophy is to create an atmosphere for:

  • Improving physical well being and having fun
  • Learning and developing skills
  • Creating positive social interaction
  • Instilling teamwork
  • Creating a spirit of good sportsmanship

Competitive games are played, as appropriate for each age level.  Equal playing time for all participating in the In-Town program is mandatory and the opportunity for players to play a variety of positions is highly encouraged. 
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MYBA Board of Directors

MYBA is looking for a person to join our Board of Directors.

We're looking for a person to fill the role of SportsEngine Administrator.

SportsEngine is the sports management platform used by MYBA to manage our programs, teams, and seasons. To fill this role, a person ideally would have some experience using online software tools or have familiarity with sports management software. These are not hard and fast requirements as much as someone willing to help, learn, and be the go-to person for the system that makes MYBA go. People with an IT/Software background seem well suited for this type of work but again, not a requirement.

If you're interested in this role or potentially helping in another way, please reach out to MYBA President, Danny Blood via email.

Hey Coach!

Manager Your Team Here

Learn how to update scores

Email your team from the SportsEngine App

Go to the "Teams" tab at the bottom, select your team, click on the "Messages" icon,  then the + sign in the top right.  Clicking in the "To:" will give you the option to select individuals or the entire team.

Click the "Coach Resources Page" below for more time saving tips.

How to Add a Spouse/Guardian to your player's profile

  1. Parent who registered, log into the SportsEngine App and Go to "My Account" (bottom right). 
  2. Click on your player and go to the Guardians tab.


  1. Go to your SportsEngine Profile Page
  2. Click on your player(s)
  3. Add guardian will be on the right
  4. An email will be sent to connect
  5. Ensure the new guardian registers with the email you added

What Size Ball?

Be sure to purchase the right size ball for your player!

Click here to see the appropriate ball size for each grade and program.

SportsEngine Mobile App

Examples of Locations to Search

  • Aggie
  • Dale
  • High School
  • Middle School
  • Wheelock
  • Forekicks
  • Mass Premier